Film Update

I have been quiet on my blog as I’m attempting to work on my D.C. Plummer book (2nd in a series), but I had to share information on the film adaptation of MISSING.


First off, the talk of HE IS GONE (the film title) has created a resurgence in interest in my book and for that – a huge thanks to Lois Munoz Merka and Gregory G. Allen! The two producers of the film have been busy as Lois traveled to New England to do location scouting. They are talking about casting (though nothing is set in stone until spring and I’m dying to know who will be personifying my characters). I hear a crew is being assembled and they have taken to social media in a big way.

Please be sure and follow them Facebook and Twitter. I want to make sure lovers of the book quickly become fans of the film as those are the people to help spread the word.

You can already see the film popping up across the internet in interviews and stories. Here are just a few:

Huffington Post

Big Gay Picture Show

Top 2 Bottom

LGBTQ Nation

And what this indie film REALLY needs are people that love to see LGBT films produced and want to help get this film made. So the producers are offering perks to people now. Check out the list on their website and share with as many LGBT-friendly people as possible!

Yes…I am absolutely excited by this and can’t wait to follow the journey to see what happens!

Happy Holidays to you all! 



Changing The Rules When You Don’t Like ‘Em

Remember when you were in cub scouts or girl scouts or a favorite school organization? You would put your head down on the desk and do a thumbs up/thumbs down to vote on something and the adult in charge would tally up the votes. If something got enough thumbs up – it would tic_tac_toewin/pass/be made a new rule for the club.

Do you remember when new people would come along a few years later and want to change everything your group had already voted on? No? That didn’t happen, did it? New members would come on and be told “here are the rules to the club” and people abided by those rules.

Funny that the flippin’ tea party feels simply because they were not around to vote on the Affordable Care Act (or you can really insert anything else in there) – that it doesn’t count. It doesn’t matter that Congress passed it, the president signed off on it and the Supreme Court said it was law. The three branches of our government worked as they are supposed to – but the new kids on the block are not happy because they were not part of that vote. So now, they want to change the rules to the club.

Guess what Boehner, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Raul R. Labrador and all the others that continue to spit out the same rhetoric over and over…it doesn’t work that way! Go back to school. Learn what the rest of us know. The rules/laws are set. You don’t get to linger in your pity party just because you’re mad it’s not going your way. Get over it and move on! You are not only embarrassing yourself, your constituents, and the institution , but also the country as a whole.


Starting a New Series

I love to get caught up in a story that by the end of it, I close the book and wonder what happens next for the characters.VacationHell That is why I love reading a series (a favorite are the Adrien English Mysteries by Josh Lanyon). My latest work started as a short piece to submit to an anthology and then it grew into a novella that I knew needed to become a series.

happy businessmanOn September 20th, everyone will be able to meet Donovan C. Plummer. A journalist in Washington, D.C. that strives to be the best in his business while sometimes putting less emphasis on his relationship with his boyfriend, Chet. To prove he can concentrate on the two of them, they embark on a seven day cruise the moment he meets an important deadline at work. Only that cruise isn’t all he expected it to be. The journalist can’t seem to stay away from big stories and this particular vacation turns into the Vacation from Hell.

This is the first in a series of the D.C. Chronicles which will take Donovan (Van to his friends) on several adventures into the political world of D.C., stories that cover the LGBT community, and follow his attempt to balance career and love all before he turns thirty-five.

**Edit: The book arrived early! Download today!



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All Romance

Seventh Window

Check out the book trailer!

The early reviews are already coming out!

“Highly recommended for those who love a little suspense, hot sex and an all around good story.” – On Top Down Under Book Review

“Vacation from Hell is a fast paced and fun read. Get ready to read it from beginning to end. When you get it, you won’t want to put it down.” – GGR – Review

I can’t wait to hear from readers about D.C. Plummer as they pull for him to struggle through life!

From Book to Screen

Book-MovieThere is a dream that some authors have – to have their work adapted for another medium. That could be seeing their work on stage, in film, or influence the writing of a song. There are other authors that prefer to have their book left in novel form for readers to enjoy it as it was originally told.

Count me in the first category.

I am overjoyed, freaked out, and a little afraid to even share that my novel MISSING has been optioned to be adapted into a film. The amount of feelings rushing through me are almost too much to describe. I am well aware that many indie authors (several that I know) have been optioned in the past and for one reason or another, projects don’t always see the light of day. So I am attempting to look at it all with a clear prospective.

But F$%$^ it! I’m freaking excited!!!

The filmmaker is in love with the book and she is working with the screenwriter who is doing the adapting. I am not one of those authors that think every single word that I wrote should appear on screen and I am excited and eager to see what they come up with in how they view the story.

I am extremely thankful and feel blessed to have this moment even occur. There are so many people I would love to thank for even making this opportunity available, but for now…I’ll keep quiet and just say a huge thanks to the filmmaker for falling in love with my characters, the message in the story, and I sooo look forward to seeing your vision.

Cover Reveal for D.C. Chronicles

The excitement of seeing your book cover for the first time carries with it several meanings. The book is one step closer to coming out. The ‘calling card’ is complete. And this is the vision readers will have for your story.

I’m thrilled with what Seventh Window Publications have come up with for my latest work. This is the first in a series for D.C. Plummer and it definitely sets the tone for what’s in store.

A little about Vacation From Hell.

Donovan C. Plummer has a problem, he’s too obsessed with his job as a journalist for the D.C. Herald to keep a man in his life. Eight months into his present relationship with Chet Michaels and Donovan’s job is already putting a strain on their relationship, so Donovan decides to take Chet away from everything and go on a seven day cruise. The only problem is that Donovan has a big story about to hit involving a conservative senator caught in a homosexual liaison, a story that brings death threats to Donovan via e-mail. It isn’t until the death threats follow Donovan and Chet on vacation that the perfect romantic getaway becomes the Vacation from Hell.

Get ready for the D.C. Plummer Chronicles!


Can It Really Be a Year?

ImageI took some time to go through my blog and can’t believe it was a year ago that I started to blog prior to the release of my first novel. In some ways it doesn’t feel an entire year has gone by and in others – wow; a lifetime. There have been some incredible things happen to me this year from awards, awesome reviews, and meeting some really great people via social media. I’ve learned much this first year out of the gate. And here are some lessons (in no particular order).

  • I don’t have as much to say in a blog as I thought I would…hence the seldom postings
  • Building followers as a new author is not easy
  • I’m amazed at how well my first novel continues to do a year later: amazed and grateful
  • Sophomore books are difficult to get into the hands of readers. Either they had enough of you from your first. They feel the 2nd comes too soon. Or it’s SO different from the first, readers don’t have the time.
  • I really love those readers that took the time to read my 2nd work too! {wink}
  • I’m a complete nut for starting up a series of novellas that will follow the same character – fingers crossed people will want to know about D.C. Plummer

For those that have found and followed my work, I’d like to take you all in a room, provide you with chocolates and body massages, and pamper you for a day.

But instead, my heartfelt thanks.

Braxton Is Not Afraid to Take Chances

What more could an author want than to hear praise like that? When I wrote Missing, I knew I was going out on a limb with how I chose to tell that story. And with Destiny on the Tracks, I’ve changed paths again, yet attempt to continue to tell stories in an unconventional way. The review just posted by the Indie Reviewer lifts me in a way I can’t describe.

“I easily fell into this lovely story and was quickly swept up in the time-travel fantasy.”

“There is a sweetness and distinct old world romantic charm to their love story that lends itself well to the time and place of this tale.”

Destiny on the Tracks is a story that lingers. It is at once a poignant, haunting and lovely tale. I recommend this story without hesitation, in particular for those romantics who believe that love can not only reach back in time but can also transcend the hereafter.”


Read the full review here. Thank you, Indie Reviewer for making this author’s day.