No, I’m Not Part of That Braxton Clan

I’m an author just venturing beyond twitter to other corners of the internet. The closer I get to my debut novel release, the more excited I become. Just finishing up edits to my book MISSING and working with my publisher (Seventh Window Publications) on the cover design for the book. Look for the book in September/October 2012. Keep your eyes peeled for reviews and features to come.


What do you do when the entire world you thought you knew crumbles around you? How do you piece it all back together? While attending a 20th high school reunion in Alabama, Massachusetts transplant Blain Harrington has lost the love of his life in the blink of an eye. He soon realizes that everything is not always as it seems as he sets out on a journey for answers dealing with themes of addiction, letting go, and rebuilding one’s life.

With MISSING, I wanted to expand on the M/M genre of romance and erotica to peer into another aspect of gay life. Those that include long term relationships, distrust, addictions, and life altering events. One morning I woke from a horrible dream where my partner of 10 years was gone and I had this incredible feeling of sorrow and loss. I wanted to attempt to capture that feeling in a book and thus, MISSING was born.


Author Arthur Wooten (The Picking Fruit Series, Birthday PieLeftovers) says:
MISSING is quite unique in that it’s a compelling story, almost a cautionary tale. It’s a thriller and a mystery but most importantly, it’s a love story between…all men. I apologize to all my writing colleagues but Drake Braxton is my new favorite author.”


Award winning author Kergan Edwards-Stout  (Songs for the New Depression) says:
“Grabbing you from page one, Drake Braxton’s debut novel will keep readers guessing all the way to the end.  In MISSING, Blain Harrington’s husband has disappeared, but his desperate attempt to find him brings more questions than answers. Part mystery, part romance, MISSING takes readers on a challenging, sexy, and worthwhile ride.”

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