Small Romantic Gestures

As a newbie in the M/M writing world, I sometimes worry about who I may be offending. With that I mean: the romance readers. I’ve been doing that thing an author ‘probably’ should not do: reading reviews on Goodreads and Amazon. Don’t get me wrong. These strangers reading my words have all been incredible, but I keep waiting for that shoe to drop and someone to get pissed. (9/4 update: This has now happened over Labor Day Weekend.)

Let me state for the record: my publisher & I knew this was a hard book to slap a genre label on and put on a shelf. There is mystery, suspense and a little romance.  You may be asking where the romance is if the book starts with one husband disappearing in the first chapter. A couple that has been together for 15 years.

That’s the romance for me.

I want readers to see the past of these two men. Those small moments shared. The grind of being together that long and the toll it must take on the relationship. (If my other half is reading: please note I’m not talking about us – since we haven’t hit 15 years yet.) The shared tattoos of the penguins. The trips the two have taken. The way in which they created a home and built their lives.

Living in NYC, I have so many things at my fingertips in which one can light the romance flame. From walks in the park to a great Broadway show…but sometimes it is just reading the New York Times and knowing your lover is sitting at the other end of the sofa playing with your toes. It’s the small moments that sometimes speak volumes to the big ‘over the top’ romantic gestures.

So that was my goal in this book. Blain’s personal journey encompasses romance, suspense, doubt, failure…so many things. But for the true romantic, I think they’ll see it veiled between the lines as they read.

At least that is my hope.


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