Missing In Print

I know every author will understand this blog. The excitement of opening up the box from your publisher that holds your book in print. I love the technology age we are in. I read so many books on my Kindle. But nothing compares to opening up that box and seeing something you have poured your heart and soul into – there in print for you to hold. This author has no words to explain it!

I’m also thrilled by the conversations I have seen taken place surrounding the book. The need readers have to discuss it – pick it apart – talk about the twists and turns and how it smacked them.

So don’t wait. Get your copy in print or eBook. And be sure and share your thoughts as well!

The paperback has arrived!


Reality Versus Fantasy

There are so many rules one must abide by when writing. When entertaining or challenging their reader. I’m one of those people that doesn’t always color inside the lines (hence the red knuckles from the ruler across them). I realize there are certain things readers look for when deciding to pick up a book. Hell, I’m a reader. I totally get it. But I must say I also love the discussions my book MISSING has evoked over on goodreads among different groups. Some people have gone with the twist stating it wasn’t what they expected but still enjoy the book. Others say they are upset when the book ‘became something from what they expected’ and rated it lower to show their disdain. And yet others still decide to share the spoilers to stop their reader friends from picking it up. (And trust me: I know there are those die-hard romantics who appreciate being spared of a book that deals with real topics.)

I thought I had tried to be clear when promoting the book that it crosses genres, that I don’t play by the rules, and that I push boundaries at times. Lichen Craig was tweeting with me over the weekend and shared a wonderful blog post about the very issue. Knowing this is how some feel doesn’t change my story (since it is already published) nor does it change the fact that I’m glad I stuck to my guns on this one and told the story I wanted to tell. Perhaps one time I will be able to write a full-out fantasy-based romance that many others will enjoy (and I hope you give me a try when I do that). I felt the first time out of the gate, I needed to set the standard of the type of storytelling that I enjoy: those that can hold up a mirror to the lives of some gay men and teach that judging others based on sexual orientation, class, education, etc doesn’t really amount to anything when you strip it all away. People may escape to a fantasy world, but sometimes reality pulls you back in – and I love to blur those lines.

Thanks for those comments on the book! What more could an author ask for than to cause enough emotion in a reader where they feel they must write something about the book in either praise or criticism.

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