Music Makes Me Feel

Music is freakin’ important to me. Not a day goes by that a tune isn’t on my iPod or just going through my brain. If you read MISSING (and I hope you do), you’ll notice places where it sneaks into the novel. Now, authors can’t use lyrics and such in books without permission – but I just wanted to share one very important song to this book. I played it constantly while writing it. And yes, the song is even discreetly disguised within the book at certain club scenes.

Going Wrong  by Armin van Buuren

And the video above is pretty cool too.

PS: MISSING has been out for two months now. The entire thing is still surreal. Maybe I should challenge myself to jump off a cliff like they do in the video…nah, I’ll just work on another book. {wink}


Out of the Past by Jeffrey Ballam


I get excited for other authors who get to experience that thrill of first book publication. My publisher Seventh Window has been so crazily busy lately putting out new books and their latest is Jeffrey Ballam’s Out of the Past. I read it and let me just say that Mr. Ballam has written an exciting M/M romance! Who knew jury duty could be so promising! But he goes beyond romance to add conflict of a returning ex…check this one out!

About the book: Paul Vanderwall isn’t looking for love. His last boyfriend, Eric, left him with no explanation and refuses to respond to his phone calls, leaving Paul gun shy about attempting to start another relationship. But then Paul is picked for jury duty and meets a man who intrigues his mind and libido.

Javier Villalobo is the tall, dark and handsome attorney for the defendant on the sexually provocative case for which Paul is a juror. Paul finds it difficult to listen to the testimony, especially with Javier standing in such close proximity. And if  that’s not bad enough, Paul soon runs into Javier outside of the court room. But the trial is still in session, which means that Paul can’t respond to Javier’s eye contact, nor can he act on his own growing desire for the sexy lawyer.

When the trial ends and Paul receives a note from Javier asking him on a date, Paul hesitantly accepts.

And then Eric returns with a warning and a threat…