Lammy List

Today I found out my book has been submitted as a nominee to Lambda Literary for their annual awards. Excited? Absolutely. Appreciative I have a publisher who believes in me? You bet! Wondering what awards can bring to a writer? Always.

Here is my take on it. There is a huge list (and it will continue to grow until year’s end) that the committee must go through. Only a handful make it onto the short list. Naturally every name on the list wants to be a finalist and I’m sure all are worthy and deserving.

What do I hope comes from it? That people look at the books submitted and perhaps give a new author/book a try. Maybe someone will see Missing for the first time on that list and decide to read it. The more people I can touch with my story, the more my writing soul is fed. I’ll take anything I can to reach a new audience and I’m sure there are readers out there that go over the Lammy List and pull out a title here and there.

Here’s hoping my twisted romance makes it on the list for some of those!


Can Main Characters Be Flawed?

Having time off from work because of Sandy, I’ve had time to ponder on the response of readers to MISSING. And what have I learned?

Authors can not please everyone.

Simple concept, I know. I write complex characters that are full of flaws from their past. Lessons they must learn and demons they sometimes face. I love to read books with characters that must forge through the storm to come out on the other side. I love to cheer for the protagonist that must overcome adversity to reach their goal. And these are the men who’s stories I tell.

But I understand when people long for a perfect prince when reading a romance. Some readers want to get carried away and not deal with real life. They want that knight on the horse that will change everything.

I can enjoy those stories, but I sometimes find they turn into the same ‘ol same ‘ol. So I layer my men to wrestle with things such as addiction or loss. And take readers on the journey with them as they attempt to work through issues.

So that’s why I get that the same book can get rave reviews from one reader and low stars from another. Two different readers viewing the same story are bringing their own reading desires with them…and I don’t always deliver what they want.

So does this change my next story? No. It was already written. Hopefully to be published in 2013. A different feel – a romance for those wanting love – but my protagonist is still not perfect.

In my world: no one is.