Lammy List

Today I found out my book has been submitted as a nominee to Lambda Literary for their annual awards. Excited? Absolutely. Appreciative I have a publisher who believes in me? You bet! Wondering what awards can bring to a writer? Always.

Here is my take on it. There is a huge list (and it will continue to grow until year’s end) that the committee must go through. Only a handful make it onto the short list. Naturally every name on the list wants to be a finalist and I’m sure all are worthy and deserving.

What do I hope comes from it? That people look at the books submitted and perhaps give a new author/book a try. Maybe someone will see Missing for the first time on that list and decide to read it. The more people I can touch with my story, the more my writing soul is fed. I’ll take anything I can to reach a new audience and I’m sure there are readers out there that go over the Lammy List and pull out a title here and there.

Here’s hoping my twisted romance makes it on the list for some of those!


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