New England Book Festival

newEngland_mapI love New England. There I said it. Not only because they are leading our country in gay marriage rights, but I just love being in that part of the country. It was no wonder I set MISSING in a fictional town right outside of Boston.

Now that book of mine has won Best Gay Fiction in the New England Book Festival. I am beyond words. As a writer we tell a story and we only hope that people will find some sort of enjoyment from it. In the first few months of the book being out, it is won this award, a Rainbow Award, and is nominated in two categories for the Goodreads 2012 M/M Romance Member Choice Awards. (Mystery/Whodunit and Most Surprising/Unique Plot Device) I am simply overjoyed by this kind reception of my story.

As we start this new year, I think back on my journey with this book. Many people think a book just appears when it is published. I actually started submitting this book a few years ago to different gay publishers. Many rejections later (and actually one that loved it, but wanted me to remove the plot twist) Seventh Window finally took a chance on the book and I’m so grateful to them for that and always will be. Without them, this story would never have been told and I really appreciate when readers reach out to me stating how the book has affected them.

Thanks to the people behind the New England Book Festival too! You’ve made the day of this author!