What Does an Author Consider When Writing?


I’m really into writing my (still untitled) next work and I’m learning all sorts of things about myself in the process. They say the writing process is sometimes just as exciting as the end product and I have to say: I agree. In a matter of weeks, I’ve changed gears several times on this new work. I know the premise, I even have a good portion of it already written…but something kept bothering me.

I wasn’t being true to who I am as a writer.

I noticed that comments and reviews from my first work got into my subconscious and I was attempting to please everyone and play by the rules: but I’m not really a rule player.

There was one review on Goodreads about MISSING that said “I really liked the imperfection of the characters.” That one sentence really struck me because I love characters that are complex, flawed, and imperfect.

In my new work (which will have mystery and thriller elements), I was attempting to write a very romantic couple with no bumps in their relationship; all was right with the world, perfection.

It was boring me.

I’ve been in my own relationship for over ten years and I know that no relationship is perfect. All marriages take work. Careers and other things get in the way and that ‘new love’ feeling changes. I see nothing wrong with exploring that aspect in writing as well. I did it in MISSING (and of course that bothered some readers) while others loved it. I need to continue to be the writer that I enjoy being. I’m going to sometimes write F’d up people who are trying to do right in the world and may not always be perfect.

I find that to be much more exciting to write.

And now I’m back to change my protagonist again. While I’m excited to finally see this entire story come together (and it may actually grow into a series the way it is going), I’m just excited to be discovering things about myself during the process.

Thankful I have some awesome people in my life that help point these things out to me.


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