Connecting to a Community

There is something magical when a reviewer sees beyond an author’s words and finds hidden motifs and meanings. A&U Magazine reviewer Alina Oswald has done that when reviewing MISSING for that magazine that covers AIDS & HIV. 

“Although AIDS is an underlying motif in Missing, it is not present as an imminent life threat. Rather, Braxton chooses to shed a warmer light on the whole subject of AIDS, offering a two-fold symbolism: On the one hand, AIDS provides a lesson in and about life through the stories and memories of those who’ve lived with the disease for years and who’ve witnessed its wrath (and related loss and suffering): on the other hand, an HIV test (or potential diagnosis) is offered up as a pivotal point in the plot that offers characters a new lease on life.”

I’m very proud to have my book in this magazine. Thank you, Ms. Oswald for including me!



Days That Make You Smile

Nothing makes an author happier than when they see the cover for that story that has been bubbling in their head and it all makes sense. Huge thanks to Dreamspinner Press who will be publishing my novella DESTINY ON THE TRACKS this summer. The story is all about time travel, circus acts, train wrecks and romance…I think the cover is awesome!

So what do you think?


Importance of Reading for an Author

I’ve spent so much time this past 6 months writing and rewriting, but I really think it is very important for writers to read.


Read anything and everything. I actually still read newspapers…remember those? I read to research information about what I’m writing. I read for enjoyment. Things that make me smile, laugh, feel something. And I love some of the new LGBT authors I’ve been introduced to because of social media. Authors like J.P. Barnaby, Con Riley, Arthur Wooten, Kergan Edwards-Stout, Ross McCoubrey, T.A. Webb …and the list could go on and on. Most recently, I was turned on to Josh Lanyon. Yes, I know…those reading this blog are saying “what do you mean you’re just now finding him?”

There are simply so many M/M writers that sometimes it is just hard to get to them all. But I have been sucked into the world of Adrien English and reading the series back-to-back as I go to bed each evening. A friend suggested it to me (because of the genre that I like) and I’m glad he did. Going from book to book in a series means we gain new friends between the pages and that is something every author longs for when writing a book; readers relate to their characters and see them as real.

Reading for me is like breathing – I MUST do it to survive. I know it helps me become a better writer. I see things I like and things that I don’t always agree with. I notice styles and choices made by authors. And at times, I’m simply taken away to another place and time.

In the end; isn’t that what we all want when reading a good book?