Connecting to a Community

There is something magical when a reviewer sees beyond an author’s words and finds hidden motifs and meanings. A&U Magazine reviewer Alina Oswald has done that when reviewing MISSING for that magazine that covers AIDS & HIV. 

“Although AIDS is an underlying motif in Missing, it is not present as an imminent life threat. Rather, Braxton chooses to shed a warmer light on the whole subject of AIDS, offering a two-fold symbolism: On the one hand, AIDS provides a lesson in and about life through the stories and memories of those who’ve lived with the disease for years and who’ve witnessed its wrath (and related loss and suffering): on the other hand, an HIV test (or potential diagnosis) is offered up as a pivotal point in the plot that offers characters a new lease on life.”

I’m very proud to have my book in this magazine. Thank you, Ms. Oswald for including me!



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