Starting Another Project As One Wraps Up

BookEditingThe end of this month finds me busier than I’ve been in a long time. The final proof copy of DESTINY ON THE TRACKS arrived from Dreamspinner Press for me to read. Knowing the book will be out in early June means the nerves start of what people will think of it. Do they expect a certain thing from me based on MISSING? Will they accept my inner romantic coming out with this time-travel novel that pays homage to certain books and movies that I’ve loved? Only time will tell.

I’ve also been busy at work on my next project (VACATION FROM HELL) and started the scary process of sharing it with my editor at Seventh Window. Knowing I want this new work to be a series, I’m aware the first needs to be ‘just right’ and we have a long way to go. I tweeted that sending early drafts of a manuscript to an editor is like standing naked in front of a lover with the lights on where they can see all your flaws.  That’s definitely how I feel. And yet, like a lover – you trust this person in what they are telling you about those flaws: because they want your work to be as good as possible.

So it seems I’ll be dividing my time between promoting DESTINY and rewriting and rewriting VACATION. The tone is very different in both and as a writer; we need to be able to shift gears to capture it correctly in what we are working on. I noticed that the sweet romance of DESTINY was creeping into VACATION and thank God my editor smacked my hands on that one. Not the story I wish to tell.

So – here we go! Onward to the next chapter in my writing life.


Typing The Last Sentence

DC at NightThere is something incredible exhilarating when you type the final sentence to a new manuscript. Yes, I know – it’s only round one and there is still so much work to do on it: but that’s why it’s called a work-in-progress. Books can have a life of their own. I have three different ‘half versions’ of this book that I started. I changed the main character and his background over and over until it finally hit me what I wanted to do.

Vacation From Hell (working title) turned into what will be the first in a series about D.C. Plummer. A journalist working in Washington, D.C. who loves what he does, fights to tell the truth, and fights to find relationships that he can hold on to. And in this first book – he believes he has found that special guy. His job allows him to cover some pretty amazing stories and I look forward to creating those as I move forward with Donovan Charles Plummer (Van to his friends).



Destiny is Coming Soon!

The blurb is out for Destiny on the Tracks coming this summer from Dreamspinner Press.

Can’t wait to share the new story with everyone.



While on business in a small town near Chicago, Wheeler Reynolds hears a tale about a traveling circus killed nearby in a horrific train wreck over ninety years ago. Haunted by the story, Wheeler falls asleep thinking someone is calling his name… and wakes up in 1918.

Wheeler believes it’s his mission to stop the accident from occurring until he meets Nicola Tenaglia, an aerialist for the circus. Time becomes his enemy as he quickly falls into a whirlwind affair. When they are discovered, events spin out of Wheeler’s control, and he and Nicola are separated. Then the train begins to pull away. Nicola’s time is running out….