What Took Me to Destiny

photo (70)I always loved the circus as a child. I found it a magical place. Back then I never thought of how the animals were being treated or what the back stories of these people must be.  I was simply enjoying the atmosphere and being swept away under the big tent.

In some respects, I’m sure that is what drew me to that setting for my latest Destiny on The Tracks. That kind of setting offers many possibilities by way of romance. But as a young boy, my mind wasn’t on romance – especially of the same-sex variety. But that is what is on the minds of Wheeler Reynolds and Nicola Tenaglia in my story. The man watching the circus act and the man performing the stunts as he flies through the air. I also read the story of a train wreck that occurred early int he 1900s carrying a circus and was fascinated about how I could incorporate that into a story.

But it is also my way of paying homage to so many time travel movies and books that I have loved. Time & AgainSomewhere in TimeThe Time Traveler’s WifeTime After Time. Those that mix an element of a misplaced person that finds love when they least expect it; the romantic in me oozes out.

So this book may seem different from my debut novel that came out last fall, but isn’t that what a sophomore excursion should do? Take a reader to a slightly different place to show them you are capable of more than one style? But still: I can’t help but add a twist here and there. Hope this one proves acceptable to those that loved Missing.

Be sure and let me know after you read it! I love to hear from people.