Braxton Is Not Afraid to Take Chances

What more could an author want than to hear praise like that? When I wrote Missing, I knew I was going out on a limb with how I chose to tell that story. And with Destiny on the Tracks, I’ve changed paths again, yet attempt to continue to tell stories in an unconventional way. The review just posted by the Indie Reviewer lifts me in a way I can’t describe.

“I easily fell into this lovely story and was quickly swept up in the time-travel fantasy.”

“There is a sweetness and distinct old world romantic charm to their love story that lends itself well to the time and place of this tale.”

Destiny on the Tracks is a story that lingers. It is at once a poignant, haunting and lovely tale. I recommend this story without hesitation, in particular for those romantics who believe that love can not only reach back in time but can also transcend the hereafter.”


Read the full review here. Thank you, Indie Reviewer for making this author’s day.




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