Cover Reveal for D.C. Chronicles

The excitement of seeing your book cover for the first time carries with it several meanings. The book is one step closer to coming out. The ‘calling card’ is complete. And this is the vision readers will have for your story.

I’m thrilled with what Seventh Window Publications have come up with for my latest work. This is the first in a series for D.C. Plummer and it definitely sets the tone for what’s in store.

A little about Vacation From Hell.

Donovan C. Plummer has a problem, he’s too obsessed with his job as a journalist for the D.C. Herald to keep a man in his life. Eight months into his present relationship with Chet Michaels and Donovan’s job is already putting a strain on their relationship, so Donovan decides to take Chet away from everything and go on a seven day cruise. The only problem is that Donovan has a big story about to hit involving a conservative senator caught in a homosexual liaison, a story that brings death threats to Donovan via e-mail. It isn’t until the death threats follow Donovan and Chet on vacation that the perfect romantic getaway becomes the Vacation from Hell.

Get ready for the D.C. Plummer Chronicles!



Can It Really Be a Year?

ImageI took some time to go through my blog and can’t believe it was a year ago that I started to blog prior to the release of my first novel. In some ways it doesn’t feel an entire year has gone by and in others – wow; a lifetime. There have been some incredible things happen to me this year from awards, awesome reviews, and meeting some really great people via social media. I’ve learned much this first year out of the gate. And here are some lessons (in no particular order).

  • I don’t have as much to say in a blog as I thought I would…hence the seldom postings
  • Building followers as a new author is not easy
  • I’m amazed at how well my first novel continues to do a year later: amazed and grateful
  • Sophomore books are difficult to get into the hands of readers. Either they had enough of you from your first. They feel the 2nd comes too soon. Or it’s SO different from the first, readers don’t have the time.
  • I really love those readers that took the time to read my 2nd work too! {wink}
  • I’m a complete nut for starting up a series of novellas that will follow the same character – fingers crossed people will want to know about D.C. Plummer

For those that have found and followed my work, I’d like to take you all in a room, provide you with chocolates and body massages, and pamper you for a day.

But instead, my heartfelt thanks.