Drake Braxton was born from straight parents and yet go figure – he came out gay. He’s an avid reader of gay and M/M fiction (since many people see that as two completely different things) and wanted to offer a multi-genre voice in the GLBT arena. He loves authors that can mix romance with erotic scenes and still be great story tellers. Someday he hopes to see ‘gay fiction’ moved from the back of the bookstore and mixed in with all other fiction for anyone to read. In the meantime, he’d gladly see his books on any shelf in a store: real or virtual. He is the award-winning author of MISSING published by Seventh Window Publications 2012 and optioned as a feature film, Destiny on the Tracks published by Dreamspinner Press 2013, and Vacation from Hell the first in a new series published by Seventh Window Publications coming in fall of 2013.

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6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, Drake.
    I bought the ebook version of “Missing” from Amazon today and just now finished it. I couldn’t stop. I am a 64 year old gay male but still a romantic at heart at my “advanced” age! I thoroughly got wrapped up in it and enjoyed it. I was totally surprised at the twists and, of course, I won’t say here what they were. I have Kergan Edwards-Stout to thank for pointing me your way. I will look forward to new works from both of you.
    I’m going to be fortunate enough to meet Kergan in person at the WeHo Book Fair at the end of September.
    Best wishes on more from you in the future.

    • Bob,

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the book. What a quick read and what great words you gave me. Thank you! Kergan is not only an awesome author, but also so wonderful at talking about other authors. I will have to send him a thanks too. Enjoy meeting him in September. Really appreciate you taking the time to reach out to me. The book is still so new and I’m thrilled people are telling others to read it. Have a great Labor Day Weekend!


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