“Unique and highly commendable look at love, relationships, responsibility, friendship and support – most of all, this is a love story with a positive message of hope and belonging. Outstanding effort and well deserving of the full five stars out of five!” – Bob Lind Echo Magazine (Missing)

“In Missing, Braxton takes the meaning of the phrase ‘appearances can be deceiving’ to an entirely new level, and also proves that second chances are worth taking, and that life-altering events can lead to a journey of discovery – of one’s life and of oneself as a missing part of life. A fascinating work of fiction!”  – Alina Oswald A&U Magazine

“A story that lingers. It is at once a poignant, haunting and lovely tale – in particular for those romantics who believe that love can not only reach back in time but can also transcend the hereafter.” – The Indie Reviewer (Destiny on the Tracks)

“I apologize to all my writing colleagues but Drake Braxton is my new favorite author.” – Arthur Wooten Author On Picking Fruit 

Vacation from Hell is a fast paced and fun read. Get ready to read it from beginning to end. When you get it, you won’t want to put it down.” – GGR – Review 

“Braxton understands the importance of a good opening, and the reader is hooked from page one. I sincerely cannot recommend the book highly enough as simply a damn good read. If you want a great story, a few shocks, and a lot of meat to sink your teeth into and think over for hours after finishing the book – don’t let this one get by you! ” – Lichen Craig GLBT Bookshelf (Missing)

“MISSING takes readers on a challenging, sexy, and worthwhile ride.” – Kergan Edwards-Stout Author Songs for the New Depression 

“Nicola is lovingly drawn by the author. A lovely combination of sweet, down-to-earth and unsure of what it means to be someone who has affections for men – it is 1918. Destiny on the Tracks encompasses a few themes – time travel, romance, a first time sexual encounter, and a journey that I thoroughly enjoyed.” – On Top Down Under Book Reviews 

“OMG! That was fan f$%^ingtastic. In every genre, you search through mediocre books to find a gem. In the M/M genre, one of those gems is Missing.” – J.P. Barnaby Author Little Boy LostSeries

“Drake writes with the skill of a seasoned author. A five star read! This book has the earmark of a best-seller.” – Jodi Hanson Chapters and Chats (Missing)

“Drake Braxton has a solid grasp on the mystery side, and I can’t wait to see where DC ends up in the romance department.” – The Novel Approach (Vacation from Hell)

“A twist of a story that takes the art of a winding plot to an entirely new level. Well written, multi-layered, and through strong characterization provides the reader with authentic glimpses into many aspects of gay life by delving into a multitude of issues.” – The Indie Reviewer (Missing)

“Wheeler’s and Nicola’s destinies are intertwined even though there was over ninety years separating them and you really won’t see the ending coming, it was a twist that surprised me and had a beautiful but poignant feel to it.” – MM Good Book Reviews (Destiny on the Tracks)

“Braxton’s handling of the subject matter was done with a real finesse that showed true mastery over the raw forces of emotions contained within the pages of this novel. A must read for fans of romantic fiction of ANY genre and a jewel in the crown for this year’s LGBTQ fiction.” – Kimi-chan Experience (Missing)

“The book starts with a prologue that sucked me in immediately. The reader will be on edge waiting to see what will happen next. Highly recommended for those who love a little suspense, hot sex and an all around good story.” – Top Down Under Book Reviews (Vacation From Hell)

“A great whodunit with a twist that comes in about the middle of the book that you’ll just absolutely never expect… a story that just gets better, the deeper into it you get!” – Shelly’s Bookstore (Missing)

“The plot is tightly woven and immensely satisfying, it’s certainly not a book you can put down. The characters are wonderfully drawn, especially Wheeler, who is almost transformed from a man who only thinks of himself to someone who would give his life for another. I loved this story, and highly recommend it to anyone who adores time travel, mystery and suspense.” – Mrs Condit & Friends Read Books (Destiny on the Tracks)

“Braxton has captured emotion beautifully here and the reader feels that he too has lost something. That is a reflection on the skill of the writer.” – Amos Lassen (Missing)

“Plenty of plot twists to keep the reader involved in the plot and many a moment for the romantic to shed a tear with just the right amount of sex to titillate.” –Jeffrey Ballam Author Out of the Past (Missing)

“I’m not sure how he does it, but Braxton has penned a breath-holding political thriller that’s as frightening and erotic as it is humorous and heartfelt.” –Arthur Wooten Author Dizzy (Vacation From Hell)

“What a debut novel! It knocked my socks off. Just when you thought you had it all figured out, the author threw a MAJOR curve ball. This book took me places that I really wasn’t ready to go. It showed me demons that I thought I had faced and put long behind me. Praise Drake Braxton for ‘getting it right’.” –Smoocher’s Voice (Missing)

“Braxton’s writing is nice, simple and flows. It engaged and I refused to put my Kindle away until I was finished with it. Romance – handled brilliantly. There are moments in this book that melted my heart and the dialogue is spot on. Romance lovers should definitely give this a go…a beautiful story!” – Sid Love MM Romance & More (Destiny on the Tracks)

“Braxton writes a fun, fast, suspenseful tale that is right at home with some of the best in the gay sleuth oeuvre.” – John Amory Author Protection

“If Jim Thompson and Nora Roberts were to have an illegitimate child, that child would be Drake Braxton.” – Ken Harrison Editor-in-chief Seventh Window Publications


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