Changing The Rules When You Don’t Like ‘Em

Remember when you were in cub scouts or girl scouts or a favorite school organization? You would put your head down on the desk and do a thumbs up/thumbs down to vote on something and the adult in charge would tally up the votes. If something got enough thumbs up – it would tic_tac_toewin/pass/be made a new rule for the club.

Do you remember when new people would come along a few years later and want to change everything your group had already voted on? No? That didn’t happen, did it? New members would come on and be told “here are the rules to the club” and people abided by those rules.

Funny that the flippin’ tea party feels simply because they were not around to vote on the Affordable Care Act (or you can really insert anything else in there) – that it doesn’t count. It doesn’t matter that Congress passed it, the president signed off on it and the Supreme Court said it was law. The three branches of our government worked as they are supposed to – but the new kids on the block are not happy because they were not part of that vote. So now, they want to change the rules to the club.

Guess what Boehner, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Raul R. Labrador and all the others that continue to spit out the same rhetoric over and over…it doesn’t work that way! Go back to school. Learn what the rest of us know. The rules/laws are set. You don’t get to linger in your pity party just because you’re mad it’s not going your way. Get over it and move on! You are not only embarrassing yourself, your constituents, and the institution , but also the country as a whole.