Starting a New Series

I love to get caught up in a story that by the end of it, I close the book and wonder what happens next for the characters.VacationHell That is why I love reading a series (a favorite are the Adrien English Mysteries by Josh Lanyon). My latest work started as a short piece to submit to an anthology and then it grew into a novella that I knew needed to become a series.

happy businessmanOn September 20th, everyone will be able to meet Donovan C. Plummer. A journalist in Washington, D.C. that strives to be the best in his business while sometimes putting less emphasis on his relationship with his boyfriend, Chet. To prove he can concentrate on the two of them, they embark on a seven day cruise the moment he meets an important deadline at work. Only that cruise isn’t all he expected it to be. The journalist can’t seem to stay away from big stories and this particular vacation turns into the Vacation from Hell.

This is the first in a series of the D.C. Chronicles which will take Donovan (Van to his friends) on several adventures into the political world of D.C., stories that cover the LGBT community, and follow his attempt to balance career and love all before he turns thirty-five.

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The early reviews are already coming out!

“Highly recommended for those who love a little suspense, hot sex and an all around good story.” – On Top Down Under Book Review

“Vacation from Hell is a fast paced and fun read. Get ready to read it from beginning to end. When you get it, you won’t want to put it down.” – GGR – Review

I can’t wait to hear from readers about D.C. Plummer as they pull for him to struggle through life!


Cover Reveal for D.C. Chronicles

The excitement of seeing your book cover for the first time carries with it several meanings. The book is one step closer to coming out. The ‘calling card’ is complete. And this is the vision readers will have for your story.

I’m thrilled with what Seventh Window Publications have come up with for my latest work. This is the first in a series for D.C. Plummer and it definitely sets the tone for what’s in store.

A little about Vacation From Hell.

Donovan C. Plummer has a problem, he’s too obsessed with his job as a journalist for the D.C. Herald to keep a man in his life. Eight months into his present relationship with Chet Michaels and Donovan’s job is already putting a strain on their relationship, so Donovan decides to take Chet away from everything and go on a seven day cruise. The only problem is that Donovan has a big story about to hit involving a conservative senator caught in a homosexual liaison, a story that brings death threats to Donovan via e-mail. It isn’t until the death threats follow Donovan and Chet on vacation that the perfect romantic getaway becomes the Vacation from Hell.

Get ready for the D.C. Plummer Chronicles!


Book Launch Day


There is something very exciting about this day no matter if it is your first time or you have gone through it before. Knowing your work is now out there for others to finally read and hopefully enjoy: can’t describe the feeling.

If you love romance, fate, and a quick read – head to you favorite eReader store and download Destiny on the Tracks.

Here is what a few early reviews have said:

“Wheeler’s and Nicola’s destinies are intertwined even though there was over ninety years separating them and you really won’t see the ending coming, it was a twist that surprised me and had a beautiful but poignant feel to it.” MM Good Book Reviews

“Nicola is lovingly drawn by the author. He is a lovely combination of sweet, down-to-earth and unsure of what it means to be someone who has affections for men – it is 1918. Destiny on the Tracks encompasses a few themes – time travel, contemporary and historical themes, a bit of an urban legend/fairy tale feel,  romance, a first time sexual encounter,  and a journey that I thoroughly enjoyed.” On Top Down Under Book Reviews

“Braxton’s writing is nice, simple and flows. It engaged me for a good couple of hours and I refused to put my Kindle away until I was finished with it. Romance – handled brilliantly. There are moments in this book that melted my heart and the dialogue is spot on. Romance lovers should definitely give this a go! If I hadn’t read this one, I would have missed out on a beautiful story!” Sid Love MM Romance & More

Places to download the book:

Dreamspinner Press


More added soon!

Typing The Last Sentence

DC at NightThere is something incredible exhilarating when you type the final sentence to a new manuscript. Yes, I know – it’s only round one and there is still so much work to do on it: but that’s why it’s called a work-in-progress. Books can have a life of their own. I have three different ‘half versions’ of this book that I started. I changed the main character and his background over and over until it finally hit me what I wanted to do.

Vacation From Hell (working title) turned into what will be the first in a series about D.C. Plummer. A journalist working in Washington, D.C. who loves what he does, fights to tell the truth, and fights to find relationships that he can hold on to. And in this first book – he believes he has found that special guy. His job allows him to cover some pretty amazing stories and I look forward to creating those as I move forward with Donovan Charles Plummer (Van to his friends).



Importance of Reading for an Author

I’ve spent so much time this past 6 months writing and rewriting, but I really think it is very important for writers to read.


Read anything and everything. I actually still read newspapers…remember those? I read to research information about what I’m writing. I read for enjoyment. Things that make me smile, laugh, feel something. And I love some of the new LGBT authors I’ve been introduced to because of social media. Authors like J.P. Barnaby, Con Riley, Arthur Wooten, Kergan Edwards-Stout, Ross McCoubrey, T.A. Webb …and the list could go on and on. Most recently, I was turned on to Josh Lanyon. Yes, I know…those reading this blog are saying “what do you mean you’re just now finding him?”

There are simply so many M/M writers that sometimes it is just hard to get to them all. But I have been sucked into the world of Adrien English and reading the series back-to-back as I go to bed each evening. A friend suggested it to me (because of the genre that I like) and I’m glad he did. Going from book to book in a series means we gain new friends between the pages and that is something every author longs for when writing a book; readers relate to their characters and see them as real.

Reading for me is like breathing – I MUST do it to survive. I know it helps me become a better writer. I see things I like and things that I don’t always agree with. I notice styles and choices made by authors. And at times, I’m simply taken away to another place and time.

In the end; isn’t that what we all want when reading a good book?

Missing In Print

I know every author will understand this blog. The excitement of opening up the box from your publisher that holds your book in print. I love the technology age we are in. I read so many books on my Kindle. But nothing compares to opening up that box and seeing something you have poured your heart and soul into – there in print for you to hold. This author has no words to explain it!

I’m also thrilled by the conversations I have seen taken place surrounding the book. The need readers have to discuss it – pick it apart – talk about the twists and turns and how it smacked them.

So don’t wait. Get your copy in print or eBook. And be sure and share your thoughts as well!

The paperback has arrived!