Cover Reveal for D.C. Chronicles

The excitement of seeing your book cover for the first time carries with it several meanings. The book is one step closer to coming out. The ‘calling card’ is complete. And this is the vision readers will have for your story.

I’m thrilled with what Seventh Window Publications have come up with for my latest work. This is the first in a series for D.C. Plummer and it definitely sets the tone for what’s in store.

A little about Vacation From Hell.

Donovan C. Plummer has a problem, he’s too obsessed with his job as a journalist for the D.C. Herald to keep a man in his life. Eight months into his present relationship with Chet Michaels and Donovan’s job is already putting a strain on their relationship, so Donovan decides to take Chet away from everything and go on a seven day cruise. The only problem is that Donovan has a big story about to hit involving a conservative senator caught in a homosexual liaison, a story that brings death threats to Donovan via e-mail. It isn’t until the death threats follow Donovan and Chet on vacation that the perfect romantic getaway becomes the Vacation from Hell.

Get ready for the D.C. Plummer Chronicles!



What Does an Author Consider When Writing?


I’m really into writing my (still untitled) next work and I’m learning all sorts of things about myself in the process. They say the writing process is sometimes just as exciting as the end product and I have to say: I agree. In a matter of weeks, I’ve changed gears several times on this new work. I know the premise, I even have a good portion of it already written…but something kept bothering me.

I wasn’t being true to who I am as a writer.

I noticed that comments and reviews from my first work got into my subconscious and I was attempting to please everyone and play by the rules: but I’m not really a rule player.

There was one review on Goodreads about MISSING that said “I really liked the imperfection of the characters.” That one sentence really struck me because I love characters that are complex, flawed, and imperfect.

In my new work (which will have mystery and thriller elements), I was attempting to write a very romantic couple with no bumps in their relationship; all was right with the world, perfection.

It was boring me.

I’ve been in my own relationship for over ten years and I know that no relationship is perfect. All marriages take work. Careers and other things get in the way and that ‘new love’ feeling changes. I see nothing wrong with exploring that aspect in writing as well. I did it in MISSING (and of course that bothered some readers) while others loved it. I need to continue to be the writer that I enjoy being. I’m going to sometimes write F’d up people who are trying to do right in the world and may not always be perfect.

I find that to be much more exciting to write.

And now I’m back to change my protagonist again. While I’m excited to finally see this entire story come together (and it may actually grow into a series the way it is going), I’m just excited to be discovering things about myself during the process.

Thankful I have some awesome people in my life that help point these things out to me.

A Book That Wraps you in Its Arms

No, those are not my words above in the title. They are from the wonderful reviewer behind Chapters and Chats as she tweets about my book MISSING. I still find it overwhelming/humbling (fill in a better word here) that people are reading and enjoying the book so much that just came out. But this whole promote, discuss, tell others is all part of being an author…so we gotta do it. After all, who wants to write a book that no one ever finds?

So let me share a little more of Jodi Ann’s words…and please visit her site as well and leave her a comment. She loves to hear from readers.

Chapters and Chats Review: 

Have you ever picked up one of those books that wrap you in its arms from the first page? This thriller by Drake Braxton is one. It’s hard to believe “Missing” is a breakout novel as Drake writes with the skill of a seasoned author.

Meet Blain Harrington, drama as English professor and husband to his great love Manny. The couple is in Culver Pines, Alabama, and Blain’s hometown to attend his 20th high school reunion; a place that Manny would rather not be. While Blain works the crowd he sees Manny immersed in conversation with an old classmate. When he looks again, Manny is gone.

Miles from home in the midst of a Southern town steeped in old traditions where bigotry and homophobia surround him at every turn, Blain implores the local police to begin a search for Manny only to meet with opposition as the police won’t begin the search until he has been gone at least 48 hours, an eternity to Blain. Thus begins the moment Blain’s life begins to tailspin out of control.

Binge drinking, recreational drugs and wild sexual abandon soon become Blain’s coping mechanism. His dearest friend Michael rallies around Blain to be the voice of reason and help him through the process of grieving that will take him to rock bottom before he can climb out.

A story of lost love, overcoming addictions and the power of friendship, “Missing” is as hard hitting as it is warm and fuzzy. Drake Braxton has written Blain with such depth of character you can feel his inner turmoil as he fights with himself in a battle of blame and self-loathing, versus a chance to live a full life and perhaps love again. Drake rounds out his cast with Grayson, the middle-aged party boy, and Michael the “mother” of the group who cares for his cubs and hopes for a love to call his own.

I want to tell you so much about this book, but have to restrain myself so I don’t ruin the read for you. I will say this, you will be so drawn into the book, connecting with the characters and wanting to find out what truly happened to Manny that you won’t be able to pull yourself away. This book has the earmark of a best-seller.

“Missing” is a 5 star read. It’s a pack in your suitcase, grab a stolen moment, and relax by a fire kind of read that you must experience. Well done Drake!

(Thank YOU, Jodi!)